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DIRECTV PREMIER™ Package – The Ultimate TV Entertainment Gargantuan

For those seeking an unparalleled entertainment experience with tons of enticing DIRECTV channels and premium movie options, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package delivers an elite lineup of capabilities with all the bells and whistles. The DIRECTV PREMIER™ package – DIRECTV’s best package – makes all other competitor options seem like mere child’s play. Designed with the ultimate entertainment guru in mind, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package will have you enjoying the best in sports, movies and your favorite shows like you’ve never experienced before.

Showcasing a whopping 315 DIRECTV channels with first-class programming, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package also boasts more than 35 specialty sports networks and includes every premium movie option – that’s a total of 66+ premium movie and sports channels! Forget about the days when you had trouble finding something good to watch on TV. With the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package, you can confidently lay that fear to rest.

Just as is the case with all DIRECTV packages, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package comes standard with all of your favorite local networks.1 You even get free standard home installation in up to four rooms in your house.2

DIRECTV Packages Hold a Standard of TV Entertainment All their Own

When you stack up DIRECTV packages against those of competitors, it’s clear why no one else can hold a candle to the unrivaled service and quality that comes standard with DIRECTV. For starters, DIRECTV is America’s #1 satellite TV service provider, offering top-tier DIRECTV channels to more than 19.5 million subscribers across the country. For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. As compared to the largest national subscription TV cable providers: 2001 – 2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

As far as programming goes, DIRECTV reigns in a league that’s all their own. This is particularly true for DIRECTV’s best package, the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package. In all, DIRECTV offers more full-time HD channels than any other provider – including sports! This way, you have the best possible opportunity of catching your favorite programs in visually stunning HD clarity.

Industry-leading features shine in DIRECTV packages

DIRECTV packages can be so much more than quality programming and traditional DIRECTV channels. When you choose DIRECTV for your home, you gain access to an entire suite of applications, special features and add-ons that allow you to harness the power of today’s hottest TV entertainment gadgets. Some of your options include:

  • DIRECTV™ iPad® App3
  • DIRECTV® Whole-Home DVR service4
  • DIRECTV® DVR Scheduler5
  • DIRECTV Apps

DIRECTV packages are entirely customizable and can be altered to exactly match your entertainment needs and budget. Add on premium movie options, sports networks and special features as you see fit. This way, you get what you want at a price point that you can agree with. If you’re considering the DIRECTV PREMIER™ package for your home, adding any of these first-class technologies will only further the ultimate entertainment extravaganza that comes standard with this option.

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